Refund Policy

Thanks for considering a purchase from Sage Saddlery. I run a small, one-man shop where all the saddles and leather gear that goes out of here is made by me. I do not make knives or ropes and such things nor do I make the hardware for the saddles and gear. I try to use only the finest quality fittings and findings and characterize all the goods I retail as accurately as possible. I want happy customers so if there is a failure due to poor quality or workmanship I will set it right.

Refund policy: Items ordered from the store are bought buy you "As Is" with no refund guaranteed because you don't like the look of it when you get it. Keep in mind that I cannot guarantee leather colors will match what you think they should look like based on the images from the site. Your monitor may reproduce an image very differently than mine looks when I put the item into my store software. If color is of paramount importance to you then please request a leather sample before I actualy make the piece for you. Know your gear, know what you like and want and then buy it from me if you like what you see. If you want to know more than I write describing it then ask before you order it. Once I send it to you it is yours, whether it fits or not, looks the way you thought it should or not, it is simply yours.

Custom orders: If you order something custom made and it is not made as you described it or wanted I will correct the errors in my interpretation of the custom commissioned work. The custom work description must be in writing as a written description or a picture or photograph and agreed to by me and paid for before the work begins. If an outright mistake is made by me on the commissioned work I will take the original piece back and make a new one to replace it. The exception to this is for items personalized with a brand, initials or a monogram. That would make it unsaleable and so you must be very clear in knowing what you want and communicating it to me when ordering custom-made, personalized gear or saddles. There will be no monetary refund on custom work. You can either have me make the piece over correctly for you to meet your desire or you can take the amount in like merchandise from my regular stock of ready made items.

Shipping returns: If you should have call to return something for a refund you will need to have the refund approved before returning the item. You will have to bear the cost of shipping it back to me. I always ship items over $50.00 with insurance coverage (except on international orders and only because I cannot). If you ship something back without insurance and it gets lost or damaged then you will not be refunded your money. I will refund your money upon receipt of the item in the same condition in which it left my shop. I will bear the cost of re-shipping it if it is to be replaced with another item that is the same or of similar value. Otherwise, I will only refund your purchase price if the item returns in like condition as when it was sold. I also ship all items with "Delivery Confirmation" and I suggest you send return merchandise the same way. Makes claims for loss or damage easier to effect.

I am sure you will be satisfied with the high quality work that I do with saddles and leather gear. Hope you decide to buy from me. It will be worth your time and money. If you have any questions about our refund policy or the availability of any of the items in our store, or want to commission custom work, please email me at:
sage saddlery