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R. J. Sagely
Maker of Custom Western Saddles & Horseman's Gear
"Saddles and gear your great-grandkids will still be using"

I started making saddles and tack in 1999. I have specialized in making the Wade style, slick fork saddle as I do find them to be the best all-round using saddle - kind to your horse's back and your own backside. Although I can make any type western saddle custom to your needs and wants I encourage folks who are looking for a really good, all-around riding rig to consider this type of saddle.

The Wade has an interesting history and is a popular rig among modern day buckaroos in the cattle country of the ION region (Idaho, Oregon, Nevada). It was inspired by the horsemanship and equitation principles of the Old Californio bridle horse school that is still practiced by those living and working cattle in the Great Basin. The vaqueros of the New World can trace their horsemanship directly to the European military riding of the Spanish Riding School, having proven itself in the unfortunately bloody conquest of the native peoples by the conquistadors of Spain. Instead of a sword or a lance the buckaroo used "la reata" (the lariat) and so needed to be able to guide his mount one-handed. Given that the grazing of cattle in the Great Basin requires lots of acreage to support even small numbers of cattle, these riders can spend long days horseback. A comfortable riding rig that will not sore a horse's back is an absolute necessity for this kind of vocation.

My saddles are made with a full leather groundseat that is designed to allow the rider to sit down in the seat. The stirrups are hung to allow the rider to assume a more comfortable position with their feet underneath them for support, a compromise between English and Western styles of riding. Stirrup leathers are twisted and set so as to take the strain off of ankles and knees. These saddles can be made working cowboy tough or in a light-weight, trail riding vein.

The rigs pictured here are built on trees made by Bowden's Saddle Tree Company and Timberline Saddle Trees. You can also order a saddle made on a premium tree from a few very renowned custom tree makers for an added cost. The hardware I use is brass, bronze or stainless steel for good-looking, no-rust durability. Skirts are lined with genuine shearling, no synthetics here. These saddles are built to stand up to the rigors of the toughest ranch work while maintaining an eye for the traditional artistry of Western-style leatherworking, carving and stamping. They'll last a lifetime and then some. We can also make lighter weight, general purpose trail riding rigs; cutters, reiners, pleasure saddles and such. Base price for most custom saddles begins at $3095. If you are interested in a custom western saddle to suit your riding style and aesthetic desires, give me a call at 724-388-4557 or post me at:Sage Saddlery.

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